A Bit About Us

Amanda Salisbury

Amanda combines her education in history, law, and business with her varied experience in both the private and public sectors. An expert in research and analysis, Amanda particularly enjoys solving complex issues and writing texts that operationalize nuanced subjects in practical ways. While Amanda no longer actively practices law, she maintains a license with the Oklahoma Bar Association. More recently, she became certified in healthcare compliance (CHC) as a member of the Health Care Compliance Association.

Pamela Young

Pamela provides excellent proofreading and plain language testing skills. Her experience with government programs straddles two sectors–education and census. Pamela continues to use her office management and organizational experience to improve SJFA workflows while maintaining the production schedule.

Lloyd Young

Lloyd works with multiple visual arts mediums, expertly drawing notes as others might write them. Integrating his visual awareness improves the readability of any text. A military veteran of 20+ years, Lloyd uses the skills he gained during ten years of instructor duty to transform complex ideas into actionable language. Lloyd’s education in mortuary sciences equips him with a clear understanding of certain scientific and regulatory principles. From one-on-one funeral planning to conducting regulatory inspections throughout the U.S. and Canada, Lloyd knows how to listen and how to talk.

Jared Salisbury

Jared works full time as the chief financial officer for a local Oklahoma restaurant chain. As a member of SJFA, Jared provides input into operational and organizational matters.

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