Request Narrative Services

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Service Description

Narrative is a creative service that produces original fiction, nonfiction, and academic works.


  1. You submit this request form
  2. We look for any conflict with Besparc’s production schedule or projects
  3. In about three business days we reach out either to schedule a conversation with you or to decline the project due to a conflict
  4. If we find not conflict, we offer you a project agreement
  5. You review the project agreement with anyone helpful to you
  6. You either send us a signed project agreement or decline notice
  7. We invoice you for any deposit, if one is required in the agreement
  8. We begin work on your project either when we receive the agreement or when we receive a required deposit payment
  9. We send you the completed project deliverables with your final invoice
  10. You let us know whether the deliverables meet your expectations and pay your final invoice
  11. Whenever we say farewell–whether at a decline notice or upon completion of your project–we wish you well

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