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Service Description

Deep Dive is a law-related research and writing service that produces legal information to support your decision-making and compliance processes.


  1. You submit this request form
  2. In about three business days, we reach out to schedule a conversation
  3. After our conversation, we offer you a project agreement
  4. You review the project agreement with anyone helpful to you
  5. You either send us a signed project agreement or decline notice
  6. We invoice you for any deposit that is required in the agreement
  7. We begin work on your project either when we receive the agreement or when we receive a required deposit payment
  8. We send you the completed project deliverables with your final invoice
  9. You let us know whether the deliverables meet your expectations and pay your final invoice
  10. Whenever we say farewell–whether at a decline notice or upon completion of your project–we wish you well

Who are you?

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Please provide the legal name of the person submitting this request for themselves or on behalf of someone else. Submission of the request means that the submitter promises to have authority to submit the request.

Please provide the legal name of the person or entity who is the customer that will receive and pay for services. The person or entity is only obligated to pay for services if they complete a project agreement with us.

Please provide a first and last name of the contact person who will interact with Besparc.

What is the best email address we could use to reach the contact person?

What about your project?

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What kind of project do you have in mind?

If you need legal information to answer a question, share the question. Otherwise, give us topics or areas of interest. Omit any proprietary information that the customer owns. To protect your interests and ours, we intend to only discuss your proprietary information under a project agreement. Do not include private or confidential information.

In a perfect world, what tasks would we do for you?

List or describe the research and writing tasks you think we could do to best serve you.

Ownership Options

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Acknowledgement Statements

To submit a valid request, you must confirm that you acknowledge each of the statements listed. Your confirmation of acknowledgement extends to any person or entity you represent. If you do not have authority to confirm the statements, please complete the form with a person who has appropriate authority.

If you do not understand an acknowledgement, reach out to contact(at)besparc(dot)com. If you will not acknowledge one or more statements, please abandon this form request.

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