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Accepting Requests

Welcome to this law-related research and writing service! We provide information in plain English to support your efforts to write good law, make dynamic decisions, and maintain solid records of compliance. Read about our three service tiers below.


  • Requests are always free.
  • Initial contact and a conversation prior to signing a customer agreement is always free.
  • After you sign the customer agreement, we invoice time for emails, meetings, and phone calls at $150 per hour. We track hours in one-tenth increments.

Our ordinary practice is that we own the content we create. If you prefer to purchase the copyright to our content, you can indicate your preference on the request form. If you aren’t ready to decide, we’ll ask again when we discuss the customer agreement.

When we have already conducted a significant amount of the research needed for a project, we begin with the research and created formats we own. Then we review and revise our research based on information you provide and any changes in the law as of the time we provide findings to you.

In this situation, we invoice a flat rate, instead of an hourly rate, for the research we already own. An additional hourly rate applies to our research, writing, or both that are new to your project and not reused from our past project. We note this fee on your customer agreement when the fee applies to your services.

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