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We offer research and writing services to meet various needs. Our experience ranges from novel-length fiction to health care compliance and many points between. Request a service at no risk to you.

The Process

You submit a free request for the kind of services you want. We screen your request for conflicts with work we have done, are doing, or will do. Within five business days of receiving your request, we notify you that your request has been accepted or denied.

If your project is accepted, a writer will schedule a time to meet with you virtually to discuss your project and contract for services. Then we will write the narrative related to the contract. At your discretion, we will send drafts for review and revision before sending your final deliverables.

When we finalize the deliverables, we invoice you according to your contract and our record of time, words, or fees.

Unless you contract otherwise, we grant you a non-exclusive license to use the final draft of the narrative forever.

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Your costs depend on your choices, which you will make when you sign an agreement to purchase services.

We offer three ownership types for our services: ordinary practice, copyright purchase, and ghostwriting purchase.

Copyright purchase means that you buy the copyright to content we create but you still have to credit us.

Ghostwriting purchase means that you buy both the copyright to content we create and the right to credit yourself or someone else.

We own content we create.

Through a customer agreement, we grant you a non-exclusive license to use our content forever with appropriate attribution (you credit us whenever you use the content).

When you agree with this ordinary practice, you do not own the content or pay for ownership.

Except to the extent information you own becomes a part of the final deliverables for a narrative service, we never share information you own, regardless of who owns the content.

We charge a per-word rate for the final drafts we produce for any Creative Services, including Reader Content and Narrative services.

We charge a per-hour rate for our time spent on any Law-Related Services, including Legal Ease and Deep Dive services. Note that a pre-existing research fee may apply in situations that the fee would reduce the total amount you pay for our services.

This fee may apply to Legal Ease or Deep Dive services. When we have researched large components of your request during other projects, we charge a flat rate of $500 for that research. For the time we spend reviewing the law and our pre-existing findings, we charge the hourly rate for the service and service tier you choose.

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