Hi! My name is Amanda, and I’m writing on behalf of the owners of the company behind Besparc. We’re so glad to introduce ourselves to you.

The Short Story

ShyJot Fine Arts, LLC, started the Besparc brand in 2023 to provide professional research and writing services to clients.

The Longer Story

In 2007, three couples, all related, formed ShyJot Publications LLC, or simply ShyJot. My parents, my sister and her spouse, and my spouse and I envisioned a small company through which we could pursue our own creative interests. And we did pursue those interests while we continued to work, raise kids (or grandkids), and adapt to life’s curve balls.

In early 2020, my sister and her spouse withdrew from the company. We dissolved ShyJot and formed a new company, ShyJot Fine Arts, LLC. Using the short form ShyJot and the acronym SJFA, we intended to actively pursue fiction publishing. We filed the papers in March 2020. As you may recall, much of world entered a sort of stasis the same month. My kids didn’t return to in-person school after spring break. My husband’s employer laid off nearly 50% of employees, including him, within the first two weeks of the initial closures. SJFA was sidelined as my parents protected their health and my husband and I looked for jobs.

My own next crossroads came in 2023 as I sought a new challenge, a way to make the sort of impact I had begun to make during my pandemic job. In June 2023, the four of us sat together and considered a fresh vision for ShyJot, one that is bigger than our family. Through SJFA, we created the Besparc brand as a source of law-related and creative services for clients.

With every step, ShyJot has been a labor of love. It remains so today. What do we love? We love stories. And we love the power people derive from well told stories.

Our purpose is to provide right words in right ways at right times. Our goal is to improve accessibility to plain-language legal information and inclusive writing of many kinds. Our plan is to tell the stories that support your goals, functions, and future. From board members to beneficiaries and from agencies to advocacy groups, everyone connects through story.

Simplicity. Accessibility. Reliability. Clarity. Curiosity. Let our values drive the work we do for you.

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Let’s write something.

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